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starting 1pm AEST

Google MEET Check-in
until 5pm AEST

All Australian Wadaiko Festival 

9 JULY 2022

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A Celebration of Wadaiko and all Japanese Folk Arts practiced across Australia - with Special Invitation to New Zealand Groups

the All Australia Wadaiko Festival started in 2008 when Toshi Sakamoto initiated the first gathering of Australian Taiko groups, and has been held every 2 years, travelling around the country, hosted by various groups in different cities and recently online

Taiko On Perth are excited to be hosting this year's event and we hope to make it as engaging as possible in the online format. 

Please Join Us

It's about you

What would you like to see?


The Festival aims to be a showcase of the range of Wadaiko played around Australia, with introductions to all the teams and the people who's passion for Wadaiko is spreading the love of Japanese Festival Music to new audiences and extending the artform.

We would like to try a broadcast format with good quality videos as well as some live interraction from groups gathering live.

Have you done the survey?    H E R E 

Submit Content

We want to hear all about you!

We are asking for submissions to include in the festival to highlight each group around Australia, as well as include special feature videos from members of groups or individuals on interesting topics - If you think you have something interesting, we'd love to hear about it

🎏   Click to read more   🎏

Join Live on JULY 9

We get the impression from the feedback we received that many would like to gather together with their local Taiko community to not only watch, but take part live. so we are thinking of some simple ways that will make that fun, whilst avoiding issues of lag, signal, mute, disconnection, etc... but remember, 

You can watch live

You can watch later on demand

You can join a group to watch 

... but you can still submit ahead of time even if you can't be there on the day, no worries 


Let us know about your team and the way you do Taiko

Learn a new piece - REIWA and submit a section for editing into a compilation

Do you play Yatai? we'd love you to join a relay and we will edit each video together 


There will also be opportunities to interract live - if you are available.  but if you are not, that's completely fine. you'll be able to watchback at your own time.


Festival Piece - REIWA 

Collaborative Piece - 

At Festivals in years past we have all learned a piece to take the stage and play together, and although we won't be in the same stage - we'd still love to collaborate and create a combined video of all the teams playing our piece, REIWA

Learn Something New - 

More than half you asked for something new to learn in Survey, so we have something for you.  As well as being the Combined Peice fof the Feestival - We'd love you to perform Reiwa as a part of your team's repertoire - but: we want you to get creative with it!! it doesn't have to be the same as the way we do it.... anyway, that's for the future!

AAWF Collaborative Piece. REIWA 168bpm.

Great to hear a few groups are interested in learning / filming a segment ( or the whole piece ) of Reiwa. Here's a video that sets the format. 2 times through, 6 solos each time.

Don't have time to learn Reiwa?

  • just learn the Backbeats and send us some awesome SOLOS

  • or Learn a couple of sections, adn just send us that?

  • Of course - you can still learn the whole song too!!

  • Extra Credit, if you want to play it on different drums/styles/positions... up to you!!!

I'm going to attempt to create the Score, but please use the PDF resources to learn the Basic Elements for now.

Anchor 1

Record your team playing a Little or a Lot

We have the idea of compiling a video using clips from all the participating groups, so you don't have to learn the whole piece! 

You can choose the sections you'd like learn and just send us that, or by all means .. learn the whole song

Level 1

choose some sections of REIWA to record, either front row, or back row, or both if you like - with shime

Level 2

Learn the whole piece to record, with all parts but the movements are optional

Level 3

Learn the whole piece with the movements between drums and nominate for solos / duets 

Level 4

Learn the whole piece with the movements + solos / duets + add something unique

- we'd love to add something more to the piece - something the shows us more about how your group does things. It could be with different instruments or formations, Katsugi, Odaiko, Hirado Chappa - we are open to it.


The Challenge

it's not going to be easy... the difficulty of editing the video together, different sound quality from each recording, overlaying rhythms can be hard... keeping everyone in the same time will be a challenge... but we will do our best..

The Resources....  try this 

These Resources are unique and no doubt, unusual for most - they are intended to be reviewed after in-person training sessions, so there would be explanation, but have a look through and refer to the Video to see how you go. 

We will put together some more videos 


post great yatai relay.jpg

Let's make a continuous Yatai that travels around our 2 countries  across the Tasman - We just need a video-submission of your group

What is this?

  > a chance to collaborate across our countries and "pass" the YATAI baton from team to team 

  > Yatai is probably the most universally played piece around, and hopefully something that we can all enjoy playing together.

  > even though we may play different versions, we can at least join in one after the other and admire the variety of styles. 



  > Record a Video of your team playing 1 round of YATAI in your own style

  > Taiko On will combine these videos into a continuous piece to playback at the festival  

  > submit your tama-ire as well if you like? we might not be able to use them all but we can include some.

Do we all have to play the same format of Yatai?

  > No - in fact it will be more intersting to see the different variants each group plays.

  > as long as the "hand-over" is clear, we will be able to edit one video after another

  > use any type of drum or position you like.  Play what you usually do, or try something you've never done before?


  > please submit your video by late June so we are able to edit the videos together


Details? - Click Here

  > we will put some details together and update you, but for now, get your Yatai sharp, book a recording date with your team and get in touch if you have questions

post where can Taiko take you.jpg

Have you had fantastic opportunities, or

been to amazing places through your love of Taiko?

Particularly love to hear the stories of people who are now living / working around the globe (either because of or ) doing Taiko and making connections they never would have thought possible !!

We'd also love to hear about your Taiko Travels to Japan or other countries - what did you see? who did you meet?

Or do you know someone it would be great to hear from? - please nominate someone to send us a little video!!

There's lots of other topics we'd love to ehar about. - What's your idea? can't wait to see them

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