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AME ~ undaunted by rain



This intimate show is a musical confluence of Japanese festival tunes and modern percussion influences from the performers of the 2022 FRINGE WORLD award-winning ONSEN.  

AME is our 3rd original FRINGE WORLD show and is a synthesis of each musician's unique experiences, reflecting rhythmic and melodic fascinations on the theme 'Undaunted by Rain'.  

From an early 1900's Japanese poem 'Ame nimo makezu', Miyazawa Kenji illustrates the inner peace that can come from a meaningful life that does seeks not personal glory,

and honours the love and service of family and society.

Join Taiko On performers and percussionists, Simon, Sanshi, Aya and Jet

for a unique musical experience.

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Taiko On is a unique fusion of original Australian composition and traditional Japanese Festival Drumming in a variety of styles and drum positions, with powerful Martial Arts actions - synchronised movements and energetic team vocalisation.


The performers often bring their own musical talents and interests to the group which add to the rich character of the music and the drama of the performance. Performing in events from Albany to Broome, entertaining and educating school students across greater Perth, demonstrating festival spirit in the Perth Christmas Pageant, or beating the huge Taiko drums with baseball bats as the Freo Dockers run into Optus Stadium, Taiko On always bring eye-popping excitement to any stage.

Screenshot 2022-08-22 230935.jpg




Composer, Choreographer, Percussionist, Teacher and founding member of TaikoOn, Simon discovered Taiko in the mountains of Nagano Japan, over 20 years ago. Simon has passed on his passion for Japanese Festival Drumming and Music through teaching, collaborating, performing and producing unique events that highlight the rich culture of Japanese-style Music with an Australian performing artist's expression and passion.

jet kye

is a multi-award winning Perth-based composer, percussionist and researcher, whose music has been performed and recorded throughout Australia, Asia, and North America. Jet Kye held the Principal Percussion position in the 2019 Australian Youth Orchestra International Tour (Europe/China), and has gone on to many more successes since. You may also find him performing at festivals around the state as a freelance percussionist, taiko drummer, and bodhran player with The Hàr.



Percussionist and founding member of Taiko On, Aya grew up with the Festival beat of Wadaiko and loves the energy of Taiko and the unique fusion our founding members have created together in [ONSEN] these last 2 years at Fringe WORLD Festival.
Aya is keen on exploring poetry reading with sounds and rhythm in this years show AME.
..."Performing with top musicians at the Fringe Festival is thrilling and challenging, hope everyone will enjoy the uplifting vibe from us."...


SANSHI (Yoshitaka Saegusa) is a Japanese contemporary didgeridoo player, Taiko Drummer, Shinobue Bamboo Flute Player and founding member of Taiko On.SANSHI (Yoshitaka Saegusa) is a Japanese contemporary didgeridoo player, Taiko Drummer, Shinobue Bamboo Flute Player and founding member of Taiko On.

Sanshi started playing didgeridoo in 1997. His passion took him to Arnhemland - the home of didgeridoo - and Sanshi was adopted into a Yolngu family and given an aboriginal name “Malarra Yunupingu” (meaning Manta Ray). He performs as a solo artist, collaboration artist, studio musician, Sanshi had played with several musicians and artists, from modern electro music to classical music, world instruments, dancers, live painting artists and live poetry readings.

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