Taiko On Classes and Workshops

Classes are generally held at Perth Modern School, in the Embleton Building.

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Here are the different types of Lessons we offer for you to start training Taiko.

Drums of Japan - Taiko Essentials Workshops        🔳 ➕

  • Your Introduction to the Essence of the Drums of Japan

  • Engage your Full Body, Mind and Spirit to beat drums in unison 

  • Accelerated workshops help on weekends to start with style 

  • Returning students join in after the first session

  • Join as a family, suggest kids from 10 y.o.

  • Book Now - OCT 15th  

Taiko Samurai Ninja Poets Basics Weekly Classes 🔳 ➕  

  • Start your Taiko passion with a monthly course

  • Learn the Basics & develop your skills week by week

  • Improve through energetic rhythms, drills and improvisation

  • Book Now - AUG 16th  

TAIKoMON Go - Parent n Child Workshops             🔳 ➕

  • Family Fun for all

  • Suits Kids from 4 y.o and upwards

  • New or returning Taiko students are welcome

  • Book Now - OCT 15th  

Koi Daiko Weekly Training                                          ✖  

  • Expand on the Basics & Learn Taiko pieces week by week to one day perform on stage 

  • these sessions are both Tuesday and Wednesday

NEXTaiko Workshops                                                  ✖  

  • Extend your Taiko skills & challenge yourself to new styles

  • For experienced drummers who have mastered the basics


 🔳 - New to Taiko? Try this session

 ➕ - Bringing Kids along? fantastic, this session is suitable

✖  - Want to multiply your skills? Challenge accepted

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Taiko ESSENTIALS Workshops

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Your Introduction to Taiko 

Workshops held every month for new and returning students

  • Immerse yourself in the rhythms of festival Japan

  • Full body, mind and spirit workout, nothing you can't handle✨

  • Learn with confidence based on a gradual structured format

Classes typically on Saturdays or Sundays for 3 hours ​at Perth Modern School, However we often run outdoor workshops when the weather is suitable at Herdsman Lake Nature Reserve.  You can find the next class for you on Facebook.

Upcoming Dates:​​​

  • Saturday October 15th 

  • More to come in the warmer months...

*Future Dates are subject to change in the case of performance events...

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NEXTaiko - Extension Workshops

Your NEXT Challenge 


Extened your Rhythm, Form and Strength - Intensive* workshop
Workshops held every month for returning students

  • Immerse yourself in the rhythms of festival

  • Full body, mind and spirit workout

*Intensive means we strive to push ourselves to your own abilities

We look forward to meeting you at future workshops