Weekly Taiko Training - Progressive  

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Ninja Taiko - Basics Lessons
         Take your first steps into the deep traditions of Japanese Festival Drumming

         Weekly classes in 4 week blocks for continuing training 

         6:00pm ~ 7:30pm ( also 7:00 ~ 8:30 for returning students ) 


Term 1   Wednesday February 10th  - 4 weeks

              Wednesday  March  10th - 4 weeks

Term 2   mid April - 4 weeks 

              late May  - 4 weeks

Ninja Taiko ( Wednesdays)

          Entry level Taiko basics, drills and fitness 

          Continue training after you Taiko ESSENTIALS Workshop

          Repeat Repeat till you progress! You will be challenged every week

          You can also join the Taiko Samurai lessons when you're confident

Taiko Samurai ( Tuesdays )

          Keen students training basics, drills and fitness 

          Build confidence with rhythm and improvisation

          Start learning elements of taiko pieces for performing some time soon 

          Join Ninja Taiko as well for extra rhythm, fitness and progress



Term 1   Tuesday February 9th   - 4 weeks

              Tuesday March  9th - 4 weeks

Term 2   mid April - 4 weeks 

              late May  - 4 weeks


Term 3   late July - 4 weeks

              late Aug  - 4 weeks

Costs : $20 per lesson or $30 per week for 2 classes 

Koi Daiko - Student Repertoire Classes 

Apply your skills and drills in the formation structure of Taiko performance pieces, either to hone your skills or to get ready to test your nerves in front of a crowd!

Tuesday Nights - Weekly 

6:00pm ~ 8:00pm

These are for returning and experienced students