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Taiko On -Japanese Culture & Music  Incursions


Cultural Performance 

From the deep traditions of Japan comes a thrilling and heart pounding program that immerses students in the rhythms of community festival celebrations

Taiko On enables participants of all ages to witness try out the booming Taiko drums in a variety of sizes and playing styles with syncronised movements, vocalisation and energy

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Music Workshops 

Kids of all ages can Clap, Stomp, Chant, Jump and Beat the Taiko together regardless of Musical eperience and often surprise themselves at how they too can enjoy the feeling of  gaining confidence with music.

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On the 23rd May we had Taiko-On come to St James’ Anglican School. They first workshopped with the Year 6 students. The workshop was high energy and motivating for the students. They were extremely engaged and enjoyed learning new techniques. They then performed to our Kindy to Year 8 students. Students were impressed with the physicality and precision of their playing. They performed original pieces on different types of drums and a traditional Japanese flute. I would recommend Taiko-On for an incursion for both Primary and Secondary Students. All students enjoyed it and I would get them back to school to do more workshops! Thank you Taiko-On.


... and see what our eager students think of a Taiko Incursion

Download PDF for Taiko On school performance information.

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