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Experience the Exhileration of Taiko

Team Building Workshops

 Experience a full-body Taiko Drumming Workshop with your team or workplace

Let’s Get Physical

Drumming is a workout – both for the body and the mind

Rise to the Challenge

Taiko is a unique discipline

Cultural Understanding

Learn the Traditions of Japanese Style team Drumming

Strive and Succeed

Participants will feel real growth and overcome initial hurdles

Beat, Jump and Shout

With similar movements and energy flow to many martial arts, vocalisations focus our intention and power into the drums and unite the team in harmony of rhythm.

Teams Sizes   : 6 ~ 60 or any size really – tailored to your needs​

Venue               : Taiko On comes to you, or provide Venue options

Availability     : Weekdays and weekends, most times are possible

Costs                : Average $6 ~ $30 p/p - adjusted to numbers

Instructors     : Simon Vanyai learned Taiko in Japan and has taught

                             hundreds of workshops and thousands of students in the

                             last 20 years across Australia Local Taiko performers will

                             join him to assist the workshops and demonstrate the

                            dynamic and energetic Festival music of Japan.

Our Workshops are designed to be fun and cater for all ages and levels of experience.

Whether or not they think they don't have a musical bone in their body – we will find it!

And for those who might have more musical experience but want to pushing themselves out of their 'comfort zone' in the spirit of fun.

You team will be working together in a non-competitive safe-space and invited to have a laugh and take on the fun physical movement and musical challenges, designed to foster personal development of each individuals’ 'musical creativity'.

Essentially the workshops are designed to relieve any preconceptions of people who have been lead to believe they ‘are NOT' creative of musical.  Creativity is a fundamental part of everyday for everyone – we are born with it, it just needs to be explored and practiced to flourish.

Taiko On Classes and Workshops

Classes are generally held at Perth Modern School, in the Embleton Building.

Click HERE to browse our upcoming open classes on facebook.

Here are the different types of Lessons we offer for you to start training Taiko.

Dale 002 Otsunamia.jpg

Drums of Japan - Taiko Essentials Workshops

  • Your Introduction to the Essence of the Drums of Japan

  • Engage your Full Body, Mind and Spirit to beat drums in unison 

  • Accelerated workshops help on weekends to start with style 

  • Returning students join in after the first session

  • Join as a family, suggest kids from 10 y.o.

Oct 15th

  • Start your Taiko passion with a monthly course

  • Learn the Basics & develop your skills week by week

  • Improve through energetic rhythms, drills and improvisation

Aug 16th

  • Family Fun for all

  • Suits Kids from 4 y.o and upwards

  • New or returning Taiko students are welcome

Oct 15th

  • Expand on the Basics & Learn Taiko pieces week by week to one day perform on stage 

  • these sessions are both Tuesday and Wednesday

20190629_162149 (1) w.jpg
  • Extend your Taiko skills & challenge yourself to new styles

  • For experienced drummers who have mastered the basics

See Highlights from 2019 TAIKO X Concert

Taiko On & Wadaiko Rindo JOINT CONCERT

Taiko X Concert - Featuring

watch their Sampler Video below  


See Highlights from 2017 TOHZAI Concert

28th October 2017 

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