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Beginners Class

Weekly Taiko Training - Progressive

Take your first steps into the deep traditions of Japanese Festival Drumming Weekly classes in 4 week blocks for continuous improvement and training  6:00pm ~ 7:30pm or stay on till 8:00pm if you're thriving 


19th July - 4 weeks 

16th August - 4 weeks


18th October - 4 weeks 

15th November - 4 weeks


Tuesdays 6:00pm

  • Entry level Taiko basics, drills and fitness 

  • Continue training after you Taiko ESSENTIALS Workshop

  • Repeat Repeat till you progress! You will be challenged every week

  • You can also join the Taiko Samurai lessons when you're confident


Tuesdays 6:30pm

  • Keen students training basics, drills and fitness 

  • Build confidence with rhythm and improvisation

  • Start learning elements of taiko pieces for performing some time soon 

  • Join Ninja Taiko as well for extra rhythm, fitness and progress

$20 per lesson or $30 per week for 2 classes 

Apply your skills and drills in the formation structure of Taiko performance pieces, either to hone your skills or to get ready to test your nerves in front of a crowd!


Wednesday Nights - Weekly 

6:00pm ~ 8:30pm

These are for returning and experienced students

Ninja Taiko - Basics Lessons

Koi Daiko - Student Repertoire Classes

Weekly Taiko Training - Intensive

Ninja Taiko - Basics Lessons

Take your first steps into the deep traditions of Japanese Festival Drumming in one 4hr workshop to really boost your Taiko skills quickly. Attend a second or third workshop for continuous improvement and training.

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