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Unforgettable Experience

Japanese Festival Drums and Music 

Taiko On perform and teach Japanese Festival music and dance across Perth and deliver an unforgettable visceral musical experience.

Enquire about what we can offer:    Stage Performances   |   Roving   |   Activation

Schools Language and Cultural Performances            Musical Specialist Workshops

Staff PD and Team Building Workshops                         Children's Birthday Parties

Japanese Theme Events and Activations                       Awards Dinner Performances

Performance Style:  Traditional Festival Drumming in a variety of styles and positions with synchronised movements, vocalisation and energy.

We have performed at:

Music Festivals & Multicultural Festivals

  • Corporate Events

  • Weddings

  • Dinners

  • Event Openings

  • Fundraising Events

  • Universities

  • Street Parades

To see more - check our list of past events.


3 ~ 15 performers 

1 ~ 23 years percussion experience

Please fill in the form below to register your interest in a quote,

or contact Simon Vanyai - 0408 434 608  

Yousuke 陽介

Wadaiko Workshops  ~ Feb 11th & 12th

Taiko Master from Sado Island [Japan] in Perth

FANTASTIC Taiko Experience Opportunity, right here in PERTH

More Details  @

Taiko Master from Sado Island, ]-Yosuke-[ facilitates workshops where experienced taiko players and beginners alike can grow and notice their own growth.
His workshops aren’t about learning through imitation. Instead, they focus on the originality of each individual. Yosuke’s strength lies in teaching people that taiko players don’t need to fit into any certain mould.
Through his workshops, he shares his vast experience and passion for taiko. People may think he is teaching is own style of drumming, when in fact Yosuke’s workshops are an opportunity for participants to uncover their own personal style.
Taiko players often get injured but Yosuke has never had an injury. He says that’s because he wants to make sure he can continue playing taiko with power and grace. According to Yosuke, the safe way to play taiko and the beautiful way to play taiko are connected.

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