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Let's make a continuous Yatai that travels around our 2 countries across the Tasman
We just need a video-submission of your group

What is this?

  • A chance to collaborate across our countries and "pass" the YATAI baton from team to team 

  • Yatai is probably the most universally played piece around, and hopefully something that we can all enjoy playing together.

  • Even though we may play different versions, we can at least join in one after the other and admire the variety of styles. 


  • Record a Video of your team playing 1 round of YATAI in your own style

  • Taiko On will combine these videos into a continuous piece to playback at the festival  

  •  Submit your tama-ire as well if you like? we might not be able to use them all but we can include some.

Do we all have to play the same format of Yatai?

  • No - in fact it will be more interesting to see the different variants each group plays.

  • As long as the "hand-over" is clear, we will be able to edit one video after another

  • Use any type of drum or position you like.  Play what you usually do, or try something you've never done before?


Please submit your video by late June so we are able to edit the videos together


We will put some details together and update you, but for now, get your Yatai sharp, book a recording date with your team and get in touch if you have questions

Have you had fantastic opportunities, or

been to amazing places through your love of Taiko?

Particularly love to hear the stories of people who are now living / working around the globe (either because of or ) doing Taiko and making connections they never would have thought possible !!

We'd also love to hear about your Taiko Travels to Japan or other countries - what did you see? who did you meet?

Or do you know someone it would be great to hear from? - please nominate someone to send us a little video!!

There's lots of other topics we'd love to ehar about. - What's your idea? can't wait to see them

The Challenge

The Resources

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