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Collaborative Piece

At Festivals in years past we have all learned a piece to take the stage and play together, and although we won't be in the same stage - we'd still love to collaborate and create a combined video of all the teams playing our piece, REIWA

Learn Something New

More than half you asked for something new to learn in Survey, so we have something for you.  As well as being the Combined Peice fof the Feestival - We'd love you to perform Reiwa as a part of your team's repertoire - but: we want you to get creative with it!! it doesn't have to be the same as the way we do it.... anyway, that's for the future!

AAWF Collaborative Piece. REIWA 168bpm.

Great to hear a few groups are interested in learning / filming a segment ( or the whole piece ) of Reiwa. Here's a video that sets the format. 2 times through, 6 solos each time.

Don't have time to learn Reiwa?

  • Just learn the Backbeats and send us some awesome SOLOS

  • Or Learn a couple of sections, adn just send us that?

  • Of course - you can still learn the whole song too!!

  • Extra Credit, if you want to play it on different drums/styles/positions... up to you!!!

I'm going to attempt to create the Score, but please use the PDF resources to learn the Basic Elements for now.

Record your team playing a Little or a Lot

We have the idea of compiling a video using clips from all the participating groups, so you don't have to learn the whole piece! 
You can choose the sections you'd like learn and just send us that, or by all means .. learn the whole song

choose some sections of REIWA to record, either front row, or back row, or both if you like - with shime

The Challenge

it's not going to be easy... the difficulty of editing the video together, different sound quality from each recording, overlaying rhythms can be hard... keeping everyone in the same time will be a challenge... but we will do our best..

The Resources

These Resources are unique and no doubt, unusual for most - they are intended to be reviewed after in-person training sessions, so there would be explanation, but have a look through and refer to the Video to see how you go. 

We will put together some more videos 

Try This !

The Challenge

The Resources

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