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All New 2023 FRINGE WORLD Show by Award Winning Taiko ONSEN Team

 14 - 19 FEB 2023

AME ~ Undaunted by Rain

This intimate show is a musical confluence of Japanese festival tunes and modern percussion influences, complemented with a selection of specialty instruments from the performers of the 2022 FRINGE WORLD award-winning ONSEN.  AME is their 3rd original FRINGE WORLD show and is a synthesis of each musician's unique experiences, reflecting rhythmic and melodic fascinations on the theme 'Undaunted by Rain'.


Taiko On is a unique fusion of original Australian composition and traditional Japanese Festival Drumming in a variety of styles and drum positions, with powerful Martial Arts actions - synchronised movements and energetic team vocalisation.

Japanese Festival Music and Contemporary  Taiko Percussion 

AME ~ Undaunted by Rain

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