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Let's Collaborate

What have you got in mind?

Taiko On love the creativity of working with organisations and artists on new projects, contexts, spaces and settings 

You might be surprised at what we can offer?


Stage Performance    |    Roving    |   Space  Activation

Cultural Music and Dance   |   Set the Scene and Mood

  • Japanese Theme Events and Activations                       

  • Awards Dinner Performances

  • Music Festivals & Multicultural Festivals

  • Corporate Events 

  • Weddings

  • Gala Dinners

  • Major Event Openings

  • Fundraising Events

  • Street Parades

  • Fringe WORLD Festival 

Performance Style:  Traditional Festival Drumming in a variety of styles and positions with synchronised movements, vocalisation and energy.


3 ~ 15 performers 

1 ~ 23 years percussion experience

To see more - check our list of past events.

Please contact Simon Vanyai - 0408 434 608  or fill in the form below to register your interest to connect

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