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Started doing Taiko Since 13th Marh 2018 (yes, i went back to my FB and tracked down my post to remember when i officially first started hahaa 😂)

Progressed since then from a student to Koi Daiko to Taiko On and still loving it!! ❤️❤️

Favourite song: Seijyaku No Wa 😍😍

General stuff:

I'm a Physio assistant for Aged care

Can Speak Chinese & Japanese (somewhat fluent in both languages)

Love to dance, play games, listen to music & movies

Have 2 beautiful Fluff balls (as by profile cover pic) & an awesome hubby 😍😍

Am a lover of ANYTHING Japanese; dramas, anime, manga, kimono wearing, food... EVERYTHIIIIING!!!!!

HUUUUUUUGE foody!! Love eating at new places & watching masterchef.

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